Collection: Deville Gold Keys

The Cadillac Deville is an iconic part of the Cadillac brand. Although Deville Gold keys are rare, some are still available.


The Deville was offered from 1959 to 2005. It used a variety of different keys over it's lifespan. Please refer to the list below to determine the correct keys for your classic Cadillac:

1940-1966: LA key (not available at this store)

1967: A/B keyset (A key available)

1968: C/D keyset (available)

1969: E/H keyset (E key available)

1970: J/K keyset (not available at this store)

1971: A/B keyset (A key available)

1972: Same as 1968

1973: Same as 1969

1974: Same as 1970

1975: Same as 1971

1976: C/D keyset (available)

1977: E/H keyset (E key available)

1978: J/K keyset (not available at this store)

1979: A/B keyset (A key available)

1980: Same as 1976

1981: Same as 1977

1982: Same as 1978

1983-1986: Same as 1979

1987-1990: Same as 1976

1991: VATS ignition, H door, trunk, glovebox

Post-1991: Transponder key (not available at this store)