Thank You For Your Gold Key Purchase

Thank you for your purchase. We hope that you’ll return if you’d like to purchase additional sets of Gold Keys for yourself, or if you’d like to give some Gold Keys to someone as a gift. 

After Receiving Your Gold Keys

After you’ve received your new gold key or keys, you’ll notice that the stalk of the gold key (the long part) is flat and smooth. If you compare the same edge to your current keys, you’ll notice lots of little edges. Those edges tell the lock cylinder that you have the correct key. So, you’ll need to have those edges ‘cut’ into your new gold keys. Don’t worry, it’s easy. Take your current keys and your new gold keys to your local key cutter (a locksmith, hardware store, Wallmart, home store, etc.). They have a machine that will perfectly transfer the cut of your current key to your new Gold Key. When your new Gold Key has been cut, it can immediately be used.