Gold Key Frequently Asked Questions and Store Policies

Q: Are these real? Is the gold real?

A: Yes, these are real 24K Gold General Motors key blanks. They are new and many are still in the original plastic GM Service Parts Operations (SPO) packaging.


Q: What’s a key blank?

A: A key blank is a key that does not have the very specific edges and cuts which allow it to work in your classic Caddy . Your local variety/hardware store, locksmith, or Cadillac dealer can cut the blank using your existing key.


Q: Which key do I need?

A: Use the easy-to-use Gold Key Guide to find the right key for your classic Caddy

Q: How do I determine which VATS ignition key I need?

A: Please refer to the Gold VATS page. The short version is that you’ll need to measure the electrical resistance (in Ohms) of your current key and match that value up with the VATS key code chart. If you’re not comfortable doing the measurement, you can ask a friend for help, you can ask a local electronics repair shop for help, or you can ask the parts department of your local Cadillac dealer for help.

Q: If I give you my VIN code, can you tell me which VATS key I need?

A: No. The VIN code has nothing to do with the VATS key code. VATS keys were randomly assigned when your Classic Caddy was built. To determine which key you need, the electrical resistance of the current VATS key will need to be measured.

Q: I don’t have keys to my Classic Caddy. Can you help me?

A: Unfortunately, no. You need a locksmith. Your local locksmith has the tools to create new keys from scratch for your Classic Caddy. Once you have working keys, you can certainly order Gold Keys.

Q: If you don’t have the correct VATS key for my car, what are my options?

A: Some Gold VATS keys are very rare. They sometimes pop up on eBay, but you might be waiting for a very long time. Another option would be to disable the VATS system. After doing so, any Gold VATS key will work in your classic Caddy. There are many videos on YouTube that describe the procedure. Use the keywords “Disable GM VATS” when you search.


Q: What if you don’t offer the right key for my car – will another key work?

A: No, it won’t. Keys are very specific to a particular model and model year. If we don’t offer the correct key for your car, we encourage you to search the web, including eBay

Q: Do your Gold Keys have the knock-out tabs still intact?

A: GM appears to have stopped using knock-out tabs in the 1970’s, well before the Cadillacs that use these Gold Keys were built.


Q: Will Gold Keys work in other cars?

A: There’s a good possibility that these keys may work in other 70’s, ’80’s and 90’s GM vehicles (Chevy, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, or Buick), but you’ll need to do some research. The Ilco key guide is a very useful resource, but it’s a little complicated.

Click here to go to the Ilco guide.

Click here if you’d like our help


Q: I live outside of the U.S. What is the cost of shipping?

A: We charge $10 to ship outside of the U.S. We use USPS First Class Mail (untracked) for all of our shipping. Additional options are available for extra charge. Contact us with questions.


Q: If I buy a key, can I return it?

A: Yes, we offer a Money Back Guarantee. We’ll refund 100% of your purchase price within 10 days if the key has not been damaged or cut. You are responsible for return postage.


Q: Do these key have a warranty?

A: Yes, if the Gold Key Blank you purchased is in any way defective within 90 days of purchase, we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price after the defective key is returned.


Q: How do I leave feedback?

A: We’d love some feedback. Please use the contact form. We’ll be adding a specific Feedback option in the near future.


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